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For many years Wimmer company has been the leading manufacturer of cutting-off machines for cutting hard materials like tungsten, carbide, HighSpeedSteel, glass, ceramics, carbon fibres, etc. quick, precise and easy.  Our product programe includes a complete range of cutting-off machines from the small bench type machine to the 4-axis CNC automatic cutting-off machine for serial production. Our customers are from machine building, vehicle manufacturing, tool industry, tool manufacture, tool grindery and medical technology.

Mainly the development of the immersion cutting-off method has made Wimmer machines unique. With it the work piece is completely immersed for cutting. Thus the cutting-off wheel can draw a large amount of coolant to the point of cutting which avoids heat spots on the material, high cutting quality and precision, short processing time, extended tool life and no hazardous fine dusts. For the latest generation of Immersion Cut-off Machines Wimmer has been awarded with the federal prize for extraordinary innovative performance by the German Federal Secretary of Economics.

We are also furnished comfortably for cutting off your hard materials as your subcontractor

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