FSM 25 Automatic CNC Chamfer Grinding Machine


  • Programmable CNC for feeds and speeds of workpiece and grinding wheels
  • Chamfer grinding (from 20 to 65°) and grinding of complete points (optional)
  • Laser measurement of the grinding wheel with automatic wear compensation
  • Loader (various solutions possible) allowing a long unsupervised operation
  • Automatic central greasing of all mobile parts
  • Very short set-up times
  • Working area fully corresponding to the EC rules

The machine stops when the grinding wheel is at its minimum diamond layer. After the grinding of the chamfer, the transport rolls open automatically and the ground part drops onto the evacuation belt. Grinding is done with water coolant. A mist cooling of the grinding area ensures an excellent  precision of the chamfer and a long lifespan of the grinding wheel.

The modern CNC can program the angle and the width of the chamfer, the feeds and speeds as well as the spark-off time. Pre-programmed grinding profiles allow you  to optimize the chamfer grinding of a vast array of different rods. The CNC is very user-friendly and has graphical assistance.  Precision guides (both for the axis and table) and a grinding spindle with high precision bearings allow the production of large series of ground chamfers with an excellent precision. The workpiece is pushed against the stop at exactly the same position by the sensor controlled and mobile transport rolls, thus guaranteeing  the uniformity of the ground chamfers. The grinding wheel is measured by laser and its wear is automatically compensated. The machine can also grind complete points with a very short set-up time.

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Range from Ø3 - 25 mm
Chamfer angles of20 - 65°
Grinding wheel 11V9Ø 100 mm
Total power2 kW
Electricity400 V - 50 Hz
Colour RAL 2002 RAL 5007
about 350 kg
Dimensions L x W x H900 x 950 x 2.100 mm
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