Automatic cut-off machine grinds work pieces with a diameter of up to 100 mm

The machine has an automatic grinding feed in the Z axis to exactly cut-off work pieces with a diameter of up to 100 mm. The open construction also allows one to grind cumbersome, big section and assymetrical work pieces. The powerful servo-drives give according to the manufacturer – together with the SPS commands – optimal cutting performances with a stepless programmable feed and programmable cutting speed.The grinding disc diameter is checked with a laser beam and the disc wear is compensated. The oscillating of the disc should reduce the grinding disc wear by 50 % and reduce at the same time the disc and the machine wear. Apart from the machine hood and the disc protection, limit stops, debit detectors and an easy-to-use panel at the front result in safety and operator’s comfort. The coolant emulsion is directed through the disc protection exactly to the grinding point, thus increasing the disc life.