UFT cut-off machine with a 8 m long material feed

In July 2017 we delivered the up-to-now biggest size Wimmer machine to a long-standing customer in the Austrian region of  Ried. The customer needs this machine to precisely cut to length sensor strips for a high-precision measuring system like the ones that are used in magnetic resonance imaging machines.

The material feed blocks are 4 meters to the left and 4 meters to the right of the cutting area,  and  the machine has a total length of 9 meters..
On the left side we have mounted a digital length measuring and positioning system with read-out, magnetic strip and detectors, which allows one  to measure the cut-off parts with a tolerance of 0.1 mm.

The material feed construction is safely and securely fixed onto the factory floor and the height of the feed can be adjusted.
The water coolant is collected over the entire feed length in a container and is recovred in the coolant supply vat.